4 Seasons of Personal Injury in Dallas, Texas

Each season brings different situations and accidents that can cause a personal injury in Texas. As the seasons change, the likelihood of certain types of accidents increase. Here are the most common types of personal injuries that occur in each season in Dallas, Texas.

Texas Personal Injury Accidents in the Spring

Many people flock to Texas during Spring Break to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful beaches. Tourists may be unfamiliar with our roadways and may make mistakes when driving or walking. There may also be increased incidents involving tourist destinations.

Increased rates of the following accidents often occur in the spring:

Texas Personal Injury Accidents in the Summer

During the summer,  many people want relief from the hot sun. They spend extra time in public pools, state parks and beaches. Because of this, the number of swimming-related accidents is higher during the summer. Property owners have a duty to safeguard their property so that people do not get harmed on their property. 

Boating accidents are also more common in the summer. Some boat operators may be distracted or may be drinking, leading to an unsafe operation of the boat and an increased likelihood of injury. 

Because students are off for the summer, there are more teen and inexperienced drivers on the roads, so automotive accidents may be more prevalent during this season as well. 

Texas Personal Injury Accidents in the Fall

With children returning to school, certain child-related accidents may increase, including:

  • School bus accidents
  • Playground injuries
  • Pedestrian accidents when children are walking to school or dismounting a bus

Additionally, people may enjoy the cooler weather and be more likely to participate in outdoor activities like hiking, biking and walking where they may be injured. Bicyclists and pedestrians have little protection if they are injured, so their injuries may be severe in nature.

Texas Personal Injury Accidents in the Winter

While it does not snow as often in Texas as it does in northern states, black ice and sleet are still possible. Since it is rare for there to be snow in Texas, many residents are not equipped to drive safely under severe winter conditions.  They may not expect snow and may encounter black ice while driving or walking. They may not know how to drive on slick roads, which increases the likelihood of serious injuries or death on the roadways. 

Winter weather may also cause the accumulation of ice and snow, making people more likely to slip and fall while on private or commercial property. 

During the holiday season, there are more people outdoors as they complete holiday shopping and other activities. Parking lot accidents may increase, as well as attacks on customers, which may bring about negligent security claims.

Cooking holiday meals and setting up festive decorations may increase the possibility of burn or fire injuries while using old decorations or overloading circuits can increase electrocution injuries. 

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