Facing a legal labyrinth?

Choose your guide carefully.

Your lawyer owes you allegiance, learning, skill, and industry.

You’re my client.

  • You are entitled to unvarnished and unembellished communication
  • You are entitled to transparent billing in non-contingent fee arrangements and a clear accounting of contingent fees and costs
  • You are entitled to rely on me to confront your legal adversaries with every tool at the ethical litigator’s disposal

I am a lawyer based in Dallas, Texas. I focus on litigation. This means I prepare cases for trial.

I treat every case I take as though it will be argued to a jury, even if it has a good chance of settlement at mediation.

I practice law for human beings, not for legal fictions.

When you ask me to represent you in a legal dispute, you’re going to be treated as you would expect to be by a person who views your goals and objectives as paramount.

I do not offer a quick fix or a magical solution to your legal issue.

I can’t make it disappear overnight.

If you’re looking to find a lawyer that makes those kind of promises, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Unlike some lawyers I know, I don’t take myself too seriously.

Don’t let that fool you though.

If I take your case, it means as much to me as it does to you.