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We Represent The Injured.

We Always Have.

We Always Will.

We are trial-tested Texas lawyers with experience & expertise in wrongful death, survival, severe personal injury, civil rights violations, and other complex legal matters


We fight for the injured & defend the unjustly prosecuted.   

We know our clients’ interests are best served by our being prepared for trial, even where settlement is a possibility. 

Whether it is a severe personal injury, catastrophic loss, wrongful death, civil rights violation, misdemeanor or felony charges, we are resourced to secure recourse. With Mike Miller and Jonathan Winocour in your corner, you’ll have a pair of intelligent, tenacious, and persistent attorneys who will work unceasingly to prevail in any courtroom confrontation you face.

According to the Texas Lawyer’s Creed, a lawyer owes their client allegiance, learning, skill, and industry.

We take these words to heart.

When we take your case, you can rest assured it means as much to us as it does to you.

Jonathan Winocour

Mike C. Miller

A Voice For You
A Voice For Justice


Practice Areas

Bodily Injury &
Catastrophic Loss

Winocour Law represents the injured, and those whose loved ones have been injured or killed in eighteen wheeler collisions, in railroad or oilfield incidents, due to toxic exposure, defective products, automobile accidents, and due to negligent medical care.

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Constitutional Issues & Civil Rights

Our firm handles cases arising from employment discrimination or retaliation, sexual harassment, false imprisonment, violations of 42 U.S.C. 1983, Title VII, Title IX, the ADEA, the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and other federal statutes that protect the vulnerable.

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Commercial & Consumer Litigation

Winocour Law represents victims of unfair or deceptive business practices, whether they are individuals or companies. We sue perpetrators of professional malpractice, trusted fiduciaries who breach their obligations, and we bring claims for breach of contract.

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Misdemeanor &
Felony Defense

Winocour Law represents people facing the state’s prosecutorial apparatus. We hold the state to its burden of proving each and every element of a charge beyond a reasonable doubt, frequently resulting in dismissal or dramatic reduction of the charges against our clients.

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Winocour Law represents individuals who have been retaliated or discriminated against by their employer. We also represent individuals defending against allegations by former employers involving non-compete and trade secret agreements, and unpaid commission claims.

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No recovery
No fee

No Fee Unless We Win
In All Personal Injury & Death Claims
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Client Recovery: $1,728,493.59
Attorney’s Fee: $864,246.79
Expenses: $107,259.62

Workplace Injury
Client Recovery: $1,054,501.25
Attorney’s Fee: $720,000.00
Expenses: $25,498.75

Auto Collision
Client Recovery: $298,263.49
Attorney’s Fee: $200,000.00
Expenses: $1,736.51

Auto Collision
Client Recovery: $300,000.00
Attorney’s Fee: $183,000.00
Expenses: $17,000.00

The true measure of our success is justice for you

Successfully advancing our client’s interests through persuasive and tenacious advocacy is our mission

Why Choose us?

Outstanding Oral Advocacy

We pride ourselves on our ability to perform in front of and persuade judges and juries. We try lawsuits; we don’t just shuffle paper.

Personal Attention

A small law firm means that when you work with us, you are in direct contact with your lawyer. There’s no chain of command; when you need something done, we get it done.

Care Is Our Core Value

We care about our clients as if they were our family. We are not a volume practice: we know who you are. And we care about your case.

24/7 Support

Catastrophe does not run on a fixed schedule, so we are available at any hour. Our 24 Hour Emergency Response answering service will alert us immediately if necessary. We are always on duty.


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