constitutional issues & civil rights

The Constitution of the United States was written by people who understood the potential abuses an overreaching government might engage in.

We have King George III to thank for that.

But it’s not just a historical document.

With the bill of rights it affords individuals all kinds of protections from government actions in violation of certain rights.

constitutionalissuesWhether it’s an infringement of your Fourth Amendment right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, a claim arising from a violation of your right to privacy, or a claim arising from rights afforded you by federal statute, whether your claim is against a federal or state employee or agency, we have the experience and expertise to successfully litigate it.

We’ve also litigated cases where the constitutionality of a statute has been challenged, or where its enforcement through the executive branch has been wrongful, and we’re not afraid to tell the legislature or the executive, through the courts, where and how they got it wrong.